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We are glad to share the wonderful news with you that Mr. Liao is elected the Good Businessman of Golden Merchant Award 2022, issued by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

As a Golden Merchant Award receiver, Mr. Liao visited President Tsai Ing-wen in the Presidential Office Building on Oct. 28th, then went to the Executive Yuan to visit Vice Premier Shen Jong-chin and had lunch with the Premier of Legislative Yuan You Si-Kun. It is an extraordinary experience for a civilian to visit the 3 highest leaders in the government in just one day. It is an honor, also an unforgettable memory.

President Tsai Ing-wen, middle of the 1st line. Mr. Liao, middle of the 4th line.

Vice Premier Shen Jong-chin, middle of the 1st line.

Premier of Legislative Yuan You Si-Kun in the middle of 1st line.

The Awarding Ceremony was held on Nov. 1st. The Vice Premier of Executive Yuan Shen Jong-chin, Secretary General of Legislative Yuan, Lin Chih-chia, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Economic Affairs Chern-Chyi "C.C" Chen and many other high-ranking government officials attended to give speeches and awards.

The awards were given to 58 winners in diverse categories including "Good Businessman", "Good Global Company", "Good Embassy and Mission", "Good Longevous Enterprise", etc. All award receivers are recognized the role models and have made great contribution to the economic growth of Taiwan.

(L): Head of Polish Investment & Trade Agency, Taipei Office.  (R): Director of Chilean Trade Office.

The Golden Merchant Award is a symbol representing the high quality of a brand for the owners and CEOs. It is also a symbol of high recognition and honor for an enterprise. Receiving this award is regarded a glorious achievement in one? career, not only prosperous in his business, but also altruistic and willing to give and lead for good deeds. He who wins the award is an authentic successful and valuable businessman of the society.